For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for textiles and a fascination for the people who work their magic with them. When I opened Stitch eight years ago, one of my goals was to bring textile artists to the area that we might not otherwise have the occasion to work with, learn from, and enjoy. At the very top of my list was the amazing Janet Bolton. From the first time I saw her work, I was smitten. Deceptively simple, her textile pictures evoke nostalgic feelings of one’s own childhood. I am absolutely delighted that Janet will be joining us this September at Stitch to facilitate two, two day workshops featuring the techniques she is known for internationally.

A number of years ago, a box arrived at the shop containing, among other goodies, copies of the premiere issue of Debbie Bliss’ knitting magazine. I was taking a leisurely “visual stroll” through the pages which included a segment (with pictures) of Ms. Bliss’ lovely studio and then … THERE IT WAS … the most wonderful, wonky, charming, little creature I had ever seen. Seriously, it actually made my heart beat faster. I was done … IN LOVE… and I have to say, I have not to this day fully recovered. I had entered the fascinating world of Julie Arkell. It has been said that “youth is wasted on the young”. If this is true, then a day with Julie has to be a way to restore those magical times. I could wax poetic for hours, but the effect both Julie and her delightful creatures has on people is beautifully summed up in a blog post called “Lovely Textiles” which can be read here and in Julie’s bio on the Les Soeurs Anglaises website. When, during the course of corresponding with Janet Bolton, it came to light that she and Julie were friends and that Julie would be happy to join her in her journey to Stitch … well, I just had to go and lay down. I mean, what more could a girl ask for … a wish list come true.

We are so honoured to have both of these remarkably talented women join us at Stitch this September. For more information regarding workshops and registration, please go the Workshops page of our website. With a limited number of spaces available, you’ll want to book soon so as not to miss this exciting event.

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